Sonntag, 13. März 2016

We are beautiful!

Hi Ladies:

Today, I want to talk about how we ladies get along with our own gender in society. This topic is not an easy one but I am going to address it anyhow, as it is important to me.

For most of you readers it´s self-evident that all women deserve a life with the opportunity to be educated, to work, to be healthy and to participate in all aspects of life. Yet all over the world women and girls still have to cope with rigid gender norms which lead to minor access to important resources and also to violations of their rights. There is still much to be done to create a better understanding between the genders. But how do we feel living with our own gender? Do we share understanding, acceptance and compassion?

My male yoga teacher recently told our all-female class how much fun it is to work with us in comparison with his male yoga classes because we are not so much into competition. Well, that`s good news! But how do we perceive ourselves?

At the gym I feel very good female vibes. We are working out and having a lot of fun together and there is also this feeling of working on myself. I also have very close female friends where I can be who I am. Friendship is all about acceptance and trust. But in some areas of life I see quite the opposite. From my own personal experience it is not easy to work in a group of females. Women often split up in groups and gossip instead of supporting each other. If you have a daughter you already know that this starts very early in life. I would be happy to know if males have the same experience with their own gender. I guess they go through similar processes.

What is the reason for the antipathy we have against another woman? Is she wearing the wrong shirt or does she have an ugly voice? Is it about envy?

If you don´t love what you see in others it is very likely that you don´t love yourself! You probably look into the mirror of your own shadows. We should acknowledge our own beauty and wisdom and not undermine ourselves. Check your attitude towards yourself, and then you might understand what you dislike in others. And don´t get me wrong, I don´t want to offend anybody, let´s just think about it, I am also still in the learning process.

We share the same energy with other females! We should be helping and supporting each other instead of bullying and fighting ourselves. Let´s form a team and complement each other! Let´s stand in our true power and show others - especially our kids - that we´re accepting ourselves as who we are!

So just hang in there – love yourself!

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  1. I really liked reading your thoughts about that topic since I have been surrounded from it a lot lately