Donnerstag, 17. März 2016

Home is embracing the silence

Hi guys! How are you today?

As for myself, I really feel like I want to go home today! 

Where is your home? Some people say home is the town where they grew up. Others say it is the country where they were born. For many people home is their family or religion.

To me home can be my favorite bar, a shopping street or a chair in the sun in front of my apartment. 

But most of all, home is to share a beautiful moment with a person that I love! Home is where I feel at ease!

I can call a place in nature home. There might be a special tree or rock that I have seen hundreds of times. I can feel its peaceful being which calms my soul. It´s those places where time stops and you just be and never want to leave!

I feel at home when I hear my favorite song in the radio while driving my car. A taste or a smell can remind me of home, too.

Home is when you stroke your cat or give your child a hug. Home is where they like you even if you´re acting like a fool.

Home is watching a clear sky full of stars and embracing the silence.

What is home to you?

On my way home ;-) 

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