Dienstag, 21. Juni 2016

Earth Peace Day - Balance polarities

Happy Earth Peace Day

Peace is the balance of polarities. It is not the non-existence of polarities, it is the balance between them. 

Earth is a place of many polarities: North and south, day and night, sun and moon, male and female. This is what makes earth so beautiful. 

Everything that is outside is also inside of us. We all carry the masculine and feminine energies within. If some parts of our inner male or female are hurt we build up walls around our heart. Fear is what divides us. The dark sides of our own souls are like mirrors presented to us by others.

The earth needs diversity to survive. It is a law of nature. Many animals became extinct and many forests turned into deserts because we were not able to balance our resources with our needs.

We must stop the wars which are taking place all over the world. We have to understand that we are fighting against ourselves. Every war is an internal war. We all belong together and nobody can be happy if others have to suffer meanwhile. We carry the energies of fear and destruction in us if we do not share all resources equally with all living creatures. 

We need to break down our defensive walls and embrace our biggest fear. The fear to face the unknown parts of ourselves. 

Good luck on your journey!