Sonntag, 20. November 2016

Vote yourself first - Start making your own choices

Hi guys,

I see that people are shocked and disappointed by their fellowmen because they voted for politicians which seem like caricatures of hate, insanity and injustice. Besides, many people around the globe simply do not align with the values of any party which results in indecisive non-voters. 

So why are so many countries reigned by politicians which do not really resonate with public? And how come many of us feel so disconnected from what is going on? 

We are kept in various "total institutions" which claim to educate or nurture us. In fact, they cut off certain groups from a larger community, hold them busy, make them weak and take control of them. 

I hope that one day we will reach a critical mass to change these patterns and create a better way of living together.

So all that we're facing now is not the end of the world, this should just show us where we have to go from here and that we have to start making our own choices again!

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