Sonntag, 20. November 2016

Vote yourself first - Start making your own choices

Hi guys,

I see that people are shocked and disappointed by their fellowmen because they voted for politicians which seem like caricatures of hate, insanity and injustice. Besides, many people around the globe simply do not align with the values of any party which results in indecisive non-voters. 

So why are so many countries reigned by politicians which do not really resonate with public? And how come many of us feel so disconnected from what is going on? 

We are kept in various "total institutions" which claim to educate or nurture us. In fact, they cut off certain groups from a larger community, hold them busy, make them weak and take control of them. 

I hope that one day we will reach a critical mass to change these patterns and create a better way of living together.

So all that we're facing now is not the end of the world, this should just show us where we have to go from here and that we have to start making our own choices again!

Dienstag, 16. August 2016

Get your light key and unlock your heart way!!!

Hi beautiful rays of light!

We are currently facing many shifts on this planet. I know that for the last few months many bright souls have often wished to be in another place where peace and love are not merely words but actions.

Anyway, I want to remind all of you light beings on earth to keep on shining and go ahead on your heart way to a new era. By just shining even brighter than before we will light up the path for others still struggling with the old pain structure.

Remember that "time" is a structure created for a very limited consciousness level that is no longer essential for those souls who have already ascended to higher dimensions of awareness. Your soul emanations manifest on a very different frequency. Do not let this structure drag you down. Remember that time and matter are nothing else than "weather conditions" on this planet and try not to get sidetracked by their effects.

Get your very own light key that guides you to unlock the chains that separate you from your heart way! The heart way leads you to the place where you belong. On your heart way you always feel very happy, awake and committed. Never a dull moment.

I want to encourage you to check your own templates and update them. Who says that you have to work 40 hours a week to deserve the life you are living? The fact that your environment share this believe simply does not make it true! Choose your own words wisely, especially while talking to your kids! Ask yourself if you are speaking from your heart or if you repeat something that you just believe because you never questioned it. 

Why must we work more hours than we sleep to be rewarded? In the new era there is no need for that. Why must we compete or fight with others or even kill others to survive? Why must we always sign papers to confirm what we say? Why must others approve what we have learned by evaluating our results? What is going to happen if nobody believes in these old structures anymore?

Your light key is a gift from above. Heaven does not send you a bill! But it is up to you to find it and use it! Take courage!

Dienstag, 21. Juni 2016

Earth Peace Day - Balance polarities

Happy Earth Peace Day

Peace is the balance of polarities. It is not the non-existence of polarities, it is the balance between them. 

Earth is a place of many polarities: North and south, day and night, sun and moon, male and female. This is what makes earth so beautiful. 

Everything that is outside is also inside of us. We all carry the masculine and feminine energies within. If some parts of our inner male or female are hurt we build up walls around our heart. Fear is what divides us. The dark sides of our own souls are like mirrors presented to us by others.

The earth needs diversity to survive. It is a law of nature. Many animals became extinct and many forests turned into deserts because we were not able to balance our resources with our needs.

We must stop the wars which are taking place all over the world. We have to understand that we are fighting against ourselves. Every war is an internal war. We all belong together and nobody can be happy if others have to suffer meanwhile. We carry the energies of fear and destruction in us if we do not share all resources equally with all living creatures. 

We need to break down our defensive walls and embrace our biggest fear. The fear to face the unknown parts of ourselves. 

Good luck on your journey! 


Dienstag, 12. April 2016

Trust - Surrender - Enjoy!!

Hi readers!

My today´s topic is trust. Relationships are all about trust. 
It doesn´t matter if we are talking about friendship, business relationships or love! If I cannot trust the other person, how can I rely on them, how can I share with them? I am a strong believer and I also like to live with a free heart. I cracked mine open several times and I want it to stay open, even though I am running the risk to get hurt again. It really does not affect me anymore. 

I will follow my path of trust and listen to the wisdom of my heart, and will not be led apart anymore. How can you enjoy your life and be who you were meant to be if you are always afraid of getting hurt? Trust your own path and you will easily trust everything and everyone that surrounds you. Surrender to love and surrender to your life purpose! Have joy in everything that you do, every single minute of your life!

Be honest to the people that you love! If they care they will not try to deny what you say. They will bless the gift of being your friend and make you feel at ease. They will not try to change you. 

If you are walking on a bridge having doubts how can you enjoy the beautiful view all around you?

And if somebody asks you, are you sure that this is the right way? No I am f... not sure! But I trust! And I enjoy the ride!!!

Donnerstag, 17. März 2016

Home is embracing the silence

Hi guys! How are you today?

As for myself, I really feel like I want to go home today! 

Where is your home? Some people say home is the town where they grew up. Others say it is the country where they were born. For many people home is their family or religion.

To me home can be my favorite bar, a shopping street or a chair in the sun in front of my apartment. 

But most of all, home is to share a beautiful moment with a person that I love! Home is where I feel at ease!

I can call a place in nature home. There might be a special tree or rock that I have seen hundreds of times. I can feel its peaceful being which calms my soul. It´s those places where time stops and you just be and never want to leave!

I feel at home when I hear my favorite song in the radio while driving my car. A taste or a smell can remind me of home, too.

Home is when you stroke your cat or give your child a hug. Home is where they like you even if you´re acting like a fool.

Home is watching a clear sky full of stars and embracing the silence.

What is home to you?

On my way home ;-) 

Sonntag, 13. März 2016

We are beautiful!

Hi Ladies:

Today, I want to talk about how we ladies get along with our own gender in society. This topic is not an easy one but I am going to address it anyhow, as it is important to me.

For most of you readers it´s self-evident that all women deserve a life with the opportunity to be educated, to work, to be healthy and to participate in all aspects of life. Yet all over the world women and girls still have to cope with rigid gender norms which lead to minor access to important resources and also to violations of their rights. There is still much to be done to create a better understanding between the genders. But how do we feel living with our own gender? Do we share understanding, acceptance and compassion?

My male yoga teacher recently told our all-female class how much fun it is to work with us in comparison with his male yoga classes because we are not so much into competition. Well, that`s good news! But how do we perceive ourselves?

At the gym I feel very good female vibes. We are working out and having a lot of fun together and there is also this feeling of working on myself. I also have very close female friends where I can be who I am. Friendship is all about acceptance and trust. But in some areas of life I see quite the opposite. From my own personal experience it is not easy to work in a group of females. Women often split up in groups and gossip instead of supporting each other. If you have a daughter you already know that this starts very early in life. I would be happy to know if males have the same experience with their own gender. I guess they go through similar processes.

What is the reason for the antipathy we have against another woman? Is she wearing the wrong shirt or does she have an ugly voice? Is it about envy?

If you don´t love what you see in others it is very likely that you don´t love yourself! You probably look into the mirror of your own shadows. We should acknowledge our own beauty and wisdom and not undermine ourselves. Check your attitude towards yourself, and then you might understand what you dislike in others. And don´t get me wrong, I don´t want to offend anybody, let´s just think about it, I am also still in the learning process.

We share the same energy with other females! We should be helping and supporting each other instead of bullying and fighting ourselves. Let´s form a team and complement each other! Let´s stand in our true power and show others - especially our kids - that we´re accepting ourselves as who we are!

So just hang in there – love yourself!